Everything changes at the speed of culture. Work. Technology. Relationships. Love. Attitudes. Change is a natural part of life.


It’s not easy keeping up with, or coping, with such rapid changes. In fact, for some people in society these changes can be dangerous and even life-threatening.

Human behaviour is beautifully complex. All of our quirks and thoughts vary with age, gender, religion, ethnic group, location and almost always change over time. But when the world changes around us, sometimes the risk factors to our mental wellbeing also change and frequently in combinations and at unexplained or unexpected times.

The only constant is change. Which is why we want you to meet SU. A Totally new kind of ‘Life Support System‘.

We’ve been developing SU over the last 12 months with some of the most influential and inspiring NGOs, Support Groups, Mental Health Experts, Psychotherapists, Technologists and Futurists in order to provide support for people trying to survive change in an ever changing world.

What is SU?

Let’s face it – Sometimes you want to talk, or ask a question and find an answer, but you don’t want to ask another person because you’re embarrassed, or it’s late at night. SU can’t solve your problems, but it can try to help you make sense of them.

SU will run in most popular chat apps and is always there when you have something to say but nobody to say it to. SU will also provide the link out to other methods of support when it detects you might need ‘more’ than it is capable of offering.

The Alpha Pilot for SU will run throughout the start of 2017 and we need volunteers, specifically men, to help us teach SU the kinds of things our husbands, fathers, brothers and sons need to chat about. Why only men for now?

Register your interest

Please fill in all the information in the form below to show your interest in being part of the our initial pilot. We will not share any of your personal details and if your request is successful we will let you know prior to the start of the pilot how to access SU. Please note we need you to be honest with the information and we do not recommend SU (for now) to anybody with a serious mental health complication.

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“We are your sons, your husbands, your brothers, your fathers, your work colleagues, your friends and your soul mates and we are finding it increasingly difficult to survive in an ever changing world. Because there’s a problem. It’s all a smokescreen, a sweeping stereotype, or at very best, a part truth – because many of us are not coping very well at all. We are, after all, just men and although our world has changed so much, many of us haven’t moved with it. But why would we? Why should we? We know who we are. We are steadfast, we are unflinching…we are men.” Terry Rigby, Forward for Life