Just Ask.

It’s 2020 and more often than not, when you see someone talking on a smartphone, they’re not talking to another person, they’re talking to the phone itself. And it answers back, often in a playful and engaging way. Natural language interface is evolving from clunky, atonal voice interfaces to something out of yesterday’s science fiction.

At Nexus, we specialise in the personality behind Natural Language Interfaces. NLI enables people to interact with any connected device using normal, everyday language – From voice, to chat based conversations. Because of the advanced artificial intelligence behind NLI, it understands the meaning of conversational input, and reacts accordingly, creating value and enhancing experiences by taking away complicated barriers of adoption due to people not needing to learn a new interface.

NLI Responds in an Intelligent, humanlike way to every conversation. Imagine a type of search where you can ask a database a question or type in a sentence that describes the information you are looking for in a way that feels like conversing with your best friend. Getting the personality, psychology and tone of conversation right is the key to success in this newly emerging space.

The true power of NLI is when it becomes so familiar and approachable, people start discussing their mood, or talk about random stuff. It helps to involve people, but also starts to really collect true human insights. We woke up this morning and imagined a world where people start to ask their devices different types of questions. Let’s say that particular answer or request is not yet supported, what’s amazing about conversational interfacing is getting those insights, which can help you form your roadmap for new features and functionality.

NLI is not just in a single question and answer. When you take into account peoples preferences, qualifying questions, where people are, and what they were talking about just before – you start to create a rich, human-like understanding of what your business could be.

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